KC Tenants Power

KC Tenants Power is led by tenants, organizing to take our city back and house the people. We are the sibling organization to KC Tenants, Kansas City’s citywide tenant union. We are focused on winning governing power for tenants.

What is GOVERNING POWER? Governing power is when we, the people, call the shots. Governing power is when poor and working class have a say in the decisions that impact our lives. We want to live in a Kansas City where people come before profits, where out-of-town corporations don’t run our City, and instead WE do. Governing power is when we invest in our communities and divest from the systems and structures that harm us.

What does KC TENANTS POWER do? Last November, KC Tenants Power organized to pass a $50 million bond to house the people. We then held listening sessions with our neighbors throughout the city, compiling the feedback of those conversations into our People’s Platform. In 2023, KC Tenants Power is conduct public education about the municipal elections and endorsing candidates who commit to serve the people. The general election is coming up on June 20, and we will be throwing down. Join us.

How is this different from KC TENANTS? KC Tenants Power is a different type of organization (legally) that gives us more ability to engage in certain types of political work. In other words, this is a new type of organization to build a new type of power.

Our Endorsements

KC Tenants Power is making two levels of endorsements in the primary election: Tenant Champions and Tenant Allies.

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Donate to KC Tenants Power

Donating to KC Tenants Power supports our work to educate the public, engage the community, and mobilize tenants to take our city back. Donations pay for things like clipboards, materials, organizing teams, and more.

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Join KC Tenants Power

Being a member means you will get periodic updates and opportunites to throw down, knock doors, etc.

The People’s Platform

The People’s Platform is a statement of our values and our vision for the city.